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Here at Volunteer Electrical Solutions we are a family owned and operated business. I started my electrical career in 1992 as a industrial electrician with Superior Industries International located in Johnson City, Tennessee. I worked as an industrial electrician there for over 15-years but in 2006 Superior Industries International decided to shut down operations and relocate those operations out of the country. I was fortunate enough to receive a job with CSX Transportation at that time. I’ve worked with CSX Transportation over the last 12-years but once again found myself on the receiving end of a company restructure. In October 2015 we were told that the Erwin Terminal would be shutting down operations and 370 hard working Tennesseans lost their jobs. I ended up having to move to West Virginia to continue work with CSX Transportation all the while longing for my family, my church and my community.

This is when I decided to start Volunteer Electrical Solutions LLC. I don’t like the feeling of getting settled into a lifestyle only to have the rug pulled out from under you because a multi million dollar corporation decides to relocate or restructure their operations. As I understand the business decisions made by these companies to restructure or relocate, the facts are it doesn’t make it any easier when it happens to you. Small business is the engine of our economy here in the United States. I want to be a part of that engine. My goal is to provide a quality service at a fair price for the citizens of Upper East Tennessee. Electricity is my passion and quality is my goal. I look forward to helping you with your electrical needs. Your home is our home here at Volunteer Electrical Solutions.


Here at Volunteer Electrical Solutions we pride ourselves upon these key factors

Fast & Friendly Service

Knowledgeable, Trustworthy Electricians

Convenient Appointments

Quality Service

Free Estimates

24 hour emergency calls

This is a Reference Guide you can use in order to estimate the cost of electrical installations and repairs for property improvements and/or renovations around your home

Notice: All prices below is subject to change at anytime without notice due to changes in market prices

  • $45 per hour will be used as a base rate in determining cost to our customers ( Covers License & Insurance Fees )
  • A 10% – 20% surcharge will be added to materials cost to cover time and travel
  • If Job Requires Utility Company Electrical Inspection & Permit’s – $130.00 ( Covers License Fees, Permits and Inspection )
  • For After Hours Emergency Calls – $90.00 per hour
  • New Service Upgrade ( example: 100 amp to 200 amp ) or Panel Upgrade ( Fuse to Breaker ) $800.00 – $3100.00 ( Panel & Standard Breakers Included )
  • SUB Panel Installation – 8 circuit panel with 60 amp sub-feeder $525.00 each – plus $2.75 per ft of wire needed ( larger sub panels can be installed upon customers request ) ( See notes below )
  • Temporary Power Pole – includes pole, 2-120 volt 20-amp circuits, 8ft grounding rod and installation $275.00 Each ( Temporary Power Pole Property of Volunteer Electrical Solutions )
  • Circuit Breakers – added to existing panel, interchangeable type, single pole $28.00 – double pole $38.00 Each ( Standard Breaker Included )
  • Circuit Breakers – G.F.C.I. added to existing panel $90.00 single pole $110 double pole Each ( Standard G.F.C.I. Breaker Included )
  • Circuit Breakers – Arc Fault added to existing panel $108.00 single pole $128 double pole Each ( Standard Arc Fault Breaker Included )
  • Ceiling Fan Installation – assembled and installed to an existing outlet $75.00 Each ($95 for fans that take more than 1 hour for instillation)
  • Ceiling Fan Installation – existing outlet box replaced for proper support, $135.00 Each
  • Ceiling Fan Installation – assembled and installed with new wiring and box outlet, $185.00 Each ( add $2 per foot of wire needed )
  • Appliances – pigtail connections only $35.00 each ( stoves and dryer circuits only )
  • Installation of Heavy Load Power Supply Circuits – Dryers, Stoves, HVAC, etc… $130.00 Each ( add $2.75 per foot of wire needed ) ( 30-Amp or 50-Amp breaker included ) ( HVAC Disconnect Extra )
  • Lighting Fixture Outlet – ( rough-in only & with wiring access ) $55.00 Each ( add $2 per foot of wire needed )
  • Lighting Fixture Installation to existing circuit – (surface type no assembly required) $60.00 Each
  • Lighting Fixture Installation to existing circuit – ( with more than 30 minutes of assembly required ) $70.00 Each
  • Lighting Fixture Installation to existing circuit – ( with more than 1 hour of assembly required ) $90.00 Each
  • REQUIRED WIRING SPLICES accessible junction box ( 15 or 20 amp ) $75.00 Each
  • RELOCATIONS of a switch, light, telephone, cable outlet, etc. $85.00 Each
  • Special Cuts Made – for switches/receptacles in cabinet, paneling, tile, etc. (approx.) $65.00 Each
  • Receptacles Replaced – replacement of an existing receptacle to a G.F.C.I. Receptacle $48.00 Each ( Receptacle Included )
  • Receptacles Replaced – replacement of an existing standard receptacle ( 15 & 20 amp ) $22.00 Each ( Receptacle Included )
  • Receptacles Installed – DEDICATED CIRCUIT – 20 amp for standard devices $35.00 Each, ( add $2 per foot of wire needed ) ( Receptacle Included )
  • Receptacles Installed, G.F.C.I. – (exterior receptacles add $25.00) $65.00 Each, ( add $2.00 per foot of wire needed ) ( Receptacle Included )
  • Receptacles Installed ( Standard 15 & 20 amp ) $32.00 Each, ( add $2 per foot of wire needed ) ( Receptacle Included )
  • Switch Bank Expansion – ( existing switch or switches converted to multi-gang ) $55.00 Each
  • Switches Replaced – replacement of an existing switch ( 3-way or Decora add $5 ) $22.00 Each ( Switch Included )
  • Switches Converted – from “single operation” to “3-way” $95.00 Each add $2.50 per foot of wire ( multi conductor wire needed ) ( Switch Included )
  • Switches Installed – ( 3-way or 4-way, standard toggle ) $85.00 Each, add $2.50 per foot of wire ( multi conductor wire needed ) ( Switch Included )
  • Switches Installed – ( single pole, standard toggle ) $75.00 Each, add $2 per foot of wire needed ( Switch Included )
  • Dedicated Portable Generator Circuit ( 12 circuit 30 amp – up to 7500 Watts ) with REQUIRED Transfer Switch installed $550.00 (Generator Not included) add $2.75 per ft. of wire needed

Note: All of the above prices are for Romex Wiring Only. Add approximately 30% for MC wiring and 40% for EMT conduit installations & wiring..

Note: ( Additional Charges May Apply For ) Additional help needed to complete the job. Travel to job site is more than 35 miles from home office ( Erwin, TN ). Existing service panel over 70 feet away from the project. ( No Wiring Access ) wiring not possible without patchwork or crawl spaces and/or attics that are to small to work in. Rental equipment needed to complete job i.e. Sky Jack, Scissor Lift, Ditch Witch, Scaffolding etc…

Note: Volunteer Electrical Solutions holds the right to hire sub contractors at owners expense to complete non electrical work such as painting, sheet-rock repair, plumbing, etc…

Note: Add $12.00 per Switch for 277 Volt Circuits

Our Work

Whether you’re doing a complete renovation, building your dream home or need your garage wired for new lights. Looking for someone to install a ceiling fan, add a light to a bathroom or install a convenience receptacle in your living room. Doing a kitchen remodel, want a street light installed in a dark part of the yard or having an electrical issue with a light or receptacle.

Look no further than Volunteer Electrical Solutions, we are here to service your electrical needs. Fully licensed and insured electricians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We take great pride in making sure all our wires have nuts!!


We had Mike install a new sound-room in our church.He had to move the old sound system out,convert an old classroom into our new sound-room.He had to install new lights, switches,receptacles and a vast array of sound equipment.He was very professional and worked non stop until the job was complete.We also did a complete kitchen upgrade installing commercial grade equipment.He worked tirelessly once again until that job was complete also.He had to deal with all the old wiring while trying to install all our new equipment.He was very knowledgeable of electrical circuits and we are very pleased with our new sound room and kitchen.

Fishery Community Church

I’ve had Mike do several different electrical jobs for me at our home and our farm. He has been very friendly and professional. The workmanship was outstanding and would highly recommend Volunteer Electrical for any electrical job you might have.

Randy McVeigh M.D

We had Mike help us with our kitchen remodel. It was old and in need of an update. He did all our electrical work. The kitchen now has new lights, switches, plates and beautiful accent lighting. We are very pleased! You will find him to be courteous, reliable and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Volunteer Electrical Solutions.

Larry and Kay

If you’ve a project to discuss, get in touch with us.

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